Summer & Winter Camps

We are known for our childrens horse riding camps & drama program camps.

A Dream Come True.

The horse riding and drama summer camps are a dream come true.

Horses. Drama. Adventure.
An unbeatable combination.

Chesleigh originally developed the horse riding and drama summer camps at the request of parents who were comfortable with the level of care and hosting experienced during their family holidays and wanted the children to be able to go to summer camp for the fun, the horse riding development and to be in touch with nature. It is a winning formula and this is shown by the growing popularity of the camps.

We select the best staff for the week across all fields, so that there is a high level of skill amongst the mentors . There is supervision and involvement in all aspects of the camp with 7 Chesleigh team members to look after the 20 participants. The camps are driven by positivity, communication and co-operation. All inclusive teams and groups are devised throughout the week to ensure everyone gets to know each other, everybody is included and that fun is had by all.


Horse Riding.

It is amazing what a week of horse riding can do. Each day there is a different ride and between our obstacle courses, horse riding picnics, open trail rides and horse care, every single person will finish the camp showing a great improvement in their skill level. This applies to both already experienced riders or those who have never even been on a horse. Our horses are friendly, willing and healthy and each person will develop a special relationship with their equine friend.


Drama Program.

Our drama program is run by the best up and coming practitioners in the industry. Students of Charles Sturt University’s Theatre Media course have been running our drama component with outrageous success since it’s inception. It is one of the most well respected theatre courses in the industry.For each camp the drama structure is unique, focusing on different aspects and skills – Acro/Combat (physical theatre), film work, speech and monologues, musical theatre, outdoor theatre, improvisation, circus etc. Students do a wide range of workshops throughout the week all contributing to the final production or performance at the week’s end. The week’s intensive practice sees huge development and increased confidence of every person’s drama journey.

During the camp we organise several bush adventures which are highlights of the week. The participants ride horses deep into the property where we cook damper underground, make billy tea and cook lunch over the campfire. Games are played and challenges are set. It’s all about testing ourselves in the outdoors, having fun and team spirit! On another day we picnic by the river and swim in the waterhole, again travelling to site on horseback. Jumping off a horse and into the river is so refreshing in the summer months.

Dates and Costs 2023/2024

2024/25 Dates:

DECEMBER – Friday 13th – Thursday 19th
For young people 9-14. years
Cost $1500 approx. This may change if the bus price varies greatly

Junior camp

JANUARY -Thursday 2nd to Wednesday 8th.

For young people 9-13 years
Cost  $1500 approx. This may change if the bus price varies greatly.

Teen camp.

JANUARY – Friday 10th to Thursday 16th

For young people 12-15/16 years.
Cost $1500 approx. This may change if the bus price varies greatly.

Final fling camp.

JANUARY- Monday 20th to Friday 24th

For young people 12-17 years.

Being a shorter camp there will not be the emphasis on drama as with the other camps.

Participants should have some horse riding skills for this camp.

Cost  $1250 approx. This may change if the bus price varies greatly.

 Winter camp.

Tuesday 16th to Sunday 21st July.

for young people 11-16 years

Participants should have some horse riding skills for this camp.

Cost $1350 approx. This may change if the bus cost varies greatly





The cost includes:

  •  accommodation and all meals, snacks, activities, tuition and facilities.
  • Transport from Sydney to Chesleigh and return.
  • Horse riding each day.
  • Drama tuition each day.

There will be transport with a chaperone both ways to save you the long drive. There are absolutely no other incidental costs.

There will be a maximum of 24 participants in twin or triple rooms. The age range on each camp is a little flexible.