Our homestead is known for the delicious home-cooked meals with locally sourced or home-grown produce.

Famous for our Delicious Home Cooking.

Chesleigh is famous for its good food which is either home grown or locally sourced, fresh and always delicious. Our country kitchen creates every meal from scratch and with love.

We have a well balanced menu which we change constantly and every meal is a delight. The Chesleigh kitchen is governed by the seasons and we look forward to the produce of each one, whether it be spring lamb, white peaches or wild garlic. We have been developing the Chesleigh secret recipes for 40 years and the best of cooks are in awe. All children, no matter how fussy, love the Chesleigh food and some families are often astonished at watching their children gobble it all up!

We adapt our menu to suit all groups whether it be adult foodies, school holiday families, weddings, conferences or tailored for specific needs.

We have a set menu but can cater for all dietary requirements with pleasure, but please, with notice. Eating is a highlight of your Chesleigh holiday and Mike’s special entertainment after dinner caps it all off.

As a close friend of the Cody clan, I’ve been visiting Chesleigh for nearly 20 years. In that time I’ve experienced such warmth and hospitality, observed such professionalism and learned a huge amount about cooking wholesome, nourishing food for big groups of hungry people. Nothing builds up an appetite like being in the crisp country air, whether you’re horse riding, bushwalking, gold-panning or simply curled up with a book near a roaring fire. It truly is an experience like no other in an environment like no other. Dig in.

- Myffy Rigby - Good Food Editor Sydney Morning Herald

Weekend Menu - SAMPLE

– Hot creamy porridge
– Homemade honey toasted muesli

  • Free range eggs and locally cured bacon
  • Toast and Sofala plum jam
  • Tea selection or fresh coffee

Weekend Menu - SAMPLE

  • Chicken, Chorizo and vegetable pie
  • Chesleigh garden salad
  • Crusty bread and butter
  • Macerated local strawberries over vanilla icecream
  • Tea selection or fresh coffee

Weekend Menu - SAMPLE

  • Local 5 hour baked lamb with mint and garlic salsa
  • Roasted pumpkin and carrots with rosemary salt
  • Golden Roast potatoes
  • Rich Belgian chocolate and walnut Darby pie with whipped cream.
  • Tea selection or fresh coffee

Our BBQ for Sunday lunch is spectacular.