Horse riding, gold panning, bush walking, exploring, adventures, relaxing by the fire or pool. Your holidays starts here.



Chesleigh by reputation is up there amongst the best horse riding experiences in Australia. Our riding trails are diverse, mountain & valley trails, river rides, old gold town ride, Cobb & Co coach road ride – exciting and beautiful.

We train and condition our team of horses to be tolerant, obedient, friendly and willing. We divide our groups by skill and can take absolute beginners, keen learners and also all ranges of experienced riders. There is no shortage of canters for those who wish, and no shortage of beautiful scenery for those who just want to stroll along on horseback. Our riding staff, led by Sasha, your host, ensure your safety along with the best in riding tips to help you improve your riding skills.



Our creeks are an endless source of gold skerricks, flakes, rattlers and nuggets , there for the finding. Mike’s knowledge about the activity, as well as his stories of the history, make it a thrilling experience.

The miles of gold bearing creeks present a lifetime of opportunity and are replenished with each gully raking flood. We have all the tools and expertise to show you the how and the wherefore – you can easily become hooked. It’s hard to believe you could actually find gold, just as the forces of nature have left it over the centuries. Strange-but-true.



The absolute winning advantage of a holiday at Chesleigh is the diversity of our beautiful property.

We have 3000 acres of forested hills, secret valleys, pristine creeks with waterfalls, Cobb & Co coach trails, mountain bike trails, walking tracks, running trails, gold boom relics, lookouts, wild river frontage, caves and diverse wildlife.

Alone or with your group or guided, you won’t forget seeing wild kangaroos and wallabies, amazing and colourful birdlife or your trip to the caves or one of the magical lookouts.